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Our Vision

Our Vision

Inform’s vision is to be the most respected provider of women’s, men’s and children’s allied health care in Victoria. We will continue to earn this respect, not by a measure of our size, but by excelling in the care we give our clients and the professional support we give each other.

Our commitment to providing a comfortable, inclusive and safe environment is at the forefront of our vision. We will achieve this by providing clear, honest and kind communication while being trusting, empathetic and compassionate.

We will strive for excellence by always doing our best and by collaborating and sharing our knowledge. We will remain curious learners and inspire clients and colleagues to adopt change. We will always be accountable, reliable and dedicated.

The team at Inform is constantly striving for improvement and welcome any feedback that can help us in this process.

Professional Commitments

Our clinicians are committed to working with our clients to ensure that ALL aspects of assessment and therapy are conducted with our clients’ informed consent. Our clinicians will provide clients with comprehensive information about risks and benefits associated with any proposed assessment and therapy. They will provide opportunities to address any uncertainties associated with decisions related to such proposed assessment and therapy. Our clinicians will also provide our clients with comprehensive information about any known alternatives to any proposed assessment and therapy. Further, our clinicians will ensure that our clients have as much time as they require in which to make an informed decision about the proposed assessment and therapy. Our clinicians will ALWAYS respect our clients’ expressed preferences

Accessing Inform Physiotherapy

Written referral from a doctor is not required to attend Inform Physio, or to claim a rebate from private health funds. However, doctors may give clients a note of referral providing clinical details and we ask that you bring this along to your appointment. Clients are asked to bring a list of their medications and any past relevant medical investigations results or surgical information.


The practice is not affiliated with a public or government source of funding. Therefore, this practice requests and appreciates payment on the day of consultation.

Please note that the fee charged is determined by the time required for the consultation and the degree of complexity of the condition to be assessed and treated. It is our policy and one which we impart to our peers to provide quality, thorough and individual care, which generally takes more time.

As this practice provides services in complex areas of health care, it has a cancellation / waiting list. If clients are unable to attend any of their appointments, it is expected that they will notify the practice with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice, so this valuable time can be offered to other clients who have been waiting for appointments. Late cancellations and failure to attend at the appointed time will attract a non-attendance fee representing up to 100% of the fee for the contracted time for the appointment.


Some services provided by this practice attract rebates through private health funds. These funds differ from Medicare. Medicare will not rebate for allied health services except when a client is referred under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPCP). When clients are referred to this practice by a general practitioner under the EPCP. Full payment must be paid on the day of the appointment. The rebate from Medicare can be processed at the time of payment.

Hi Caps is available to facilitate claiming rebates directly (electronically) from private health insurance companies.

Please note that the rebate from a private health insurance company is determined by the contract between clients and their health insurance company and in no way is influenced by the fees charged for our services.