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Birth Bump and Beyond

Bump, Birth and Beyond: Informed and empowered.
A workshop for what you need to know for a positive journey to parenthood.

This 4-hour workshop, run by experienced Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, is preventative health care at its best. It is designed to educate, and support you and your partner throughout pregnancy, birth, and the early months of parenthood. As women’s health physio’s we hear all too often “I wish I had known…” From pregnancy related injuries to birth trauma to post-partum complications such as pelvic organ prolapse and breastfeeding complications such as mastitis. This workshop covers all these topics and more.

You will learn evidence-based information and skills to enable you and your partner to make informed decisions for your long-term health.

These small group classes are run on a Sunday morning and are specifically designed for pregnant women and their partners from 20 weeks.

Topics Covered:

  • Looking after yourself from head to toe,
    including pelvic health.
  • Pelvic floor exercise.
  • Safe general exercise.
  • Common pregnancy related musculoskeletal concerns
    including pelvic girdle pain and abdominal separation.
  • Preparation for labour.
  • Understanding the physiological process.
  • Active labour tools and skills for labouring woman and
    partner (including TENS).
  • Positioning and techniques for birthing your baby.
  • How to optimise your physical recovery.
  • Returning to exercise safely.
  • Understanding the breastfeeding journey.